atomicflash is a Playcrafter account. He made his first gem game called "Gem Attacher", his first productions Acrobatic 96, his second productions Entry and his last production Super Bread.. He was not a premium account. He has 0 pips. He is still happy because he has 343 points. atomicflash's best friends are Victini and goldenzekrom, both friendly to chat with. He always finds dead chats after he signs up, but exactly, in 2 minutes, he says "*This is a dead chat because no one was talking for more than 10 seconds.*". atomicflash mostly chats with Victini and penguinpro, but sometimes chats with goldenzekrom. doomer, another Playcrafter account, is who atomicflash is following. There are 2 more accounts that he follows. He also made his first shop called atomicflash's shop.

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