A contest winner is a game on PlayCrafter that is very well made and chosen by the staff as the best game of the month.

Judging CriteriaEdit

PlayCrafter will be judging your games using the following criteria:


  • Players should be able to win your game.
  • Your game should take longer that a few minutes to win.


Your game should:

  • look different than other games,
  • have an interesting theme or story,
  • use pieces in an interesting way.


Your game should:

  • get progressively harder as you get into the higher levels,
  • have different settings or / and a story.


  • Try to make your game look good.
  • You must have permission to use any uploaded graphics.

Easy to learnEdit

  • New players should be able to understand what they need to do to win the game.


  • Make a game that PlayCrafters will "like". The more "likes" your game has, the better.

See also Edit

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