The forum, like other sites, is a place for discussion, allowing PlayCrafter users to chat about games on and off PlayCrafter, ask questions, get technical help, or just talk about random topics. Some of the threads include:

Questions About PlayCrafter: This is the place to ask questions and get help from other people. You can get a lot answered this way, so ask away!

New Features and Pieces: This thread is restricted to new pieces and/or content that have been created on the site. This used to be restricted to staff-created features, but with PlayCrafter's fairly new XML coding system, it can be used to advertise new pieces that have been created by users.

All About Games: This category is used to discuss upcoming PlayCrafter games and events, talk about user-created contests and challenges, and basically just talk about games and what can be done to improve them. You can also talk about games off the PlayCrafter site here, too, but advertising other gaming sites is generally frowned upon. You're here to make games, not advertise.

Suggestions & Ideas: Here, users give input on what they think can be done to improve the site. At the beginning of PlayCrafter, this used to be populated with new piece requests, but with the addition of XML coding, the suggestions have switched to broader, site-wide suggestions. If you've got a brilliant idea, put it here!

Non-PlayCrafter Discussion: Here, you can talk about anything. Anything at all! Just make sure that your topics still fall under the Behavior Guidelines.

Technical Support: Occasionally, something in the site goes wrong. It's a fact of life. If you need help from the staff on something technical, like a broken account or lost game, then post here. Other questions go in the Questions About Playcrafter category.

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