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PlayCrafter has moderators,like many other sites. Moderators keep the site clean from inapropriate content like do the admins here.Moderators are great people to talk to,they are patient and they aren`t bad tempered. You can turn to them for help if anyone`s being mean, bad, or swearing.
There are many mods but they aren't chosen at random,they are chosen on the same factor level as many other gaming sites.Moderators,being mostly friendly,are also good people to look for when you need a friend or help.Just simply find one, and holler or chat to the mod. The moderator will probably respond kindly, and you can take it from there.Moderators also have the ability to Mod-pick games, which put them on the hottest list. They can also ban people for acting up. Moderators can also do other things such as Mod-skip levels if needed and delete games a lot more.