The Particle effect is an effect you can use in a piece. It's usually used when the piece is destroyed or when it thrusts.

the code is like the following:


Description of Parameters Edit

sourcePixelsPerMeter Edit

how many pixels of the particle image are used to fill one of PlayCrafter's meters

value: number, usually 40 or 80

lifetime Edit

how long the praticle lives (in seconds).

value: number or random[1]

quantity Edit

how many particles are spread out at the same time.

value: number or random[1]

scale Edit

size of the particles. 1 = normal size

value: number, random[1] or mixed[2]

color_r, color_g and color_b Edit

sets the RGB-value (color) of the particle image (numbers from 0 to 1)

value: number, random[1] or mixed[2]

velocity Edit

initial velocity of particles

value: number or random[1]

inheritRotation Edit

whether the particles are shot in relation to the piece (true) or to the screen (false)

value: true or false

inheritMomentum Edit

whether the particles inherit the momentum of the piece

value: true or false

angleOffset Edit

angle in which particles are shot. (0 is right, 90 down, 180 left and 270 or -90 up)

value: number or random[1]

resistance Edit

the friction of the particles

value: number

gravity Edit

whether the particles are affected by gravity or not

value: true or false

visualURL Edit

URL of the particle image

value: URL

alpha Edit

transparency of particles (0 is fully transparent, 0.5 half transparent and 1 totally visible)

value: number, random[1] or mixed[2]

vAngle Edit

speed of angular rotation of particles

value:number or random[1]

xOffset and yOffset Edit

the initial x and y position of the projectiles in relation to the piece

value: number or random[1]

Description of Values Edit

random Edit

generates a random number between lower bound and upper bound

use: R(lower bound,upper bound)

ex: xOffset="R(-1,1)"

mixed Edit

changes value over lifetime of particle

use: number/random to number/random (note: you can also use number to random, and vice versa)

ex: size="R(1,2) to 0"

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