The Piece Creator is a tool in the workshop with which custom pieces can be created. Only XML coding can be used in the piece creator. You can also edit pieces and add pfxs to pieces. Pieces that are made can be sold for pips. Making a piece and selling would qualify the game as a shop .

XML Edit

Example of XML coding:

<otherCollided typeFilter="player"> 

     <yankOther force="editable" minDist="10" maxDist="100"/>

The first code above makes a piece destroy the player on contact. Usually, that makes the piece a taker.

The second code above makes a piece either suck you in towards the piece or blow you away from the piece. It is known as a fan.

Visuals and Sounds Edit

In the piece creator you can also upload images for the pieces, animations for the pieces and collision sounds. Premium users are also allowed to turn the clipping on/off and the outline on/off. There are known exploits that allow non-Premium users to also do such things, these are not allowed.

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