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Bio of PlayCrafter Edit

PlayCrafter was a free flash game builder that used a simple drag and drop style to make games that could be played by other people. It was made by ZipZapPlay, being originated by the staff members Curt and Mathilde. PlayCrafter's final form was in its Beta. They had ways of site income including premium, pips, and advertising.

Pips were a type of in-game currency used to purchase staff-made (if not free already) and player-made pieces alike.

Premium users were the main providers of cash for the site. They have access to much more features of the Workshop, which is a place to make games. Unlike un-paid users, they can create 100 levels in a game, upload music to their games, and more. Buying Premium membership is also cheap, at only $5 USD a month, or as calculated by codyfun123, 16 cents a day. You could learn more about Premium bonuses on the website. On may 21st, after not getting much traffic, they announced that they were closing down. After 3 days, the site permanently closed. In addition, ZipZapPlay is being acquired by PopCap Games.

R.I.P PlayCrafter. 2007 - 2011

Trivia Edit

  • If you ever see milliseconds being displayed on the forums, you may be amused to know that this was a joke made by Dave.
  • WarMech and magslw are both retired staff members.
  • codyfun123 and mahoomushi are both de-modded moderators.
  • During the last weeks of PlayCrafter, a rogue mod called turqmelon banned many users for fun.