A projectile is a piece that is shot from another piece, usually with the purpose of being a projectile that hits a target to destroy it. You can make your own projectile, by putting the piece "ID" into another pieces, however, the piece either must be for sale or yours in order for this to work, otherwise it defaults back to LaserShot. The piece ID is located at the upper right corner of the editting section when you open a piece.

List of all Projectiles Edit

Arrow Edit

An arrow that's affected by gravity and projectile of Shortbow. It will vanish after a while.

ArtyShell Edit

A black ball with high area of effect explosion on contact. Projectile of Arty Cannon.

Big Melee Edit

A bigger version of the Melee projectile and projectile of Iso Amazon

BlackBall Edit

Default projectile when a misspelled name is given in the XML. It is also the projectile of Precision Paddle

Bubble Edit

A small peg shot. Projectile of Hover Tank

DrawMelee Edit

A harmless animation, projectile of the Hunter and Sir Wolfe.

EvilBee Edit

A small wasp that moves erratically and kills anything it comes into contact with. Projectile of Hive.

EvilBug Edit

A bug that homes into the player. Projectile of Evil Queen

EvilLaser Edit

A pinkish-purple laser, usually fired by enemy turrets. Projectile of Smart Turret and Auto Turret

EvilRocket Edit

A slowly propelling rocket that homes in onto the player to kill it. Projectile of Rocket Turret

Fireball Edit

A ball of fire that's affected by gravity. Projectile of Berserker

Floater Edit

A white snowflake, which is the floater. Strangely, it awards 10 points when destroyed. Projectile of Floater Maker

GoodLaser Edit

A green laser, usually fired by allied and player turrets. Projectile of Armored Ally and Laser Turret

GoodPellet Edit

Red pellet that self-destructs after a short time. Projectile of Origin and UFO

Grenade Edit

A grenade which explodes after 5 seconds. If destroyed before exploding, the explosion animation plays but it does no harm. Projectile of Trooper

Guided Missile Edit

A missile that slowly propels itself forward and turns towards the mouse. Projectile of GML-18

LaserShot Edit

A red laser, it's the default projectile when no projectile or an invalid ID number is set in the XML and projectile of Interceptor

LeftLaser Edit

Projectile of Spaceman and Stickman

LilRock Edit

Inherits goal status and projectile of Fraggable Rock

Melee Edit

An invisible killing piece. Projectile of Hunter, Spectre, Sir Wolfe. Usually used as a sword.

Missile Edit

A straightforward propelling rocket with small area of effect explosion. Projectile of Attack Choppa

NinjaStar Edit

A rotating but somewhat slow moving ninja star. Projectile of Minya

Player Killer Edit

An invisible object that surrounds the sides of the Walking Fish and is its mechanic for its goomba-like behavior.

PixelBullet Edit

An invisible killer point. Projectile of Reticle

Piece ID Edit

The piece ID as a projectile name will shoot the piece with the corresponding !D. i.e.: 90. See Custom Projectiles.

RedBall Edit

A big red ball, which has strange behavior due to its zero density setting. Player piece. Projectile of Cannon

RightLaser Edit

Projectile of Spaceman, Stickman

Snail Trail Edit

A small green flame that vanishes after a small amount of time. Projectile of Snail

Spearmen Edit

A Spearman that self-destructs after a certain time interval. Projectile of Enemy Vent

Teslabolt Edit

A fast moving thunderbolt. Projectile of Tesla Buggy

Toxic Flame Edit

A bright green flame that stays in place and doesn't go away until destroyed. Projectile of Toxic Barrel

ZapperBall Edit

A big blue plasma ball with a strange cellular structure. Projectile of Grav Zapper, Pivot Zapper

ZapperBallZG Edit

Exactly the same as the normal Zapper Ball except that it is green and is not affected by gravity. Projectile of ZeroG Zapper

Custom Projectiles Edit

Say you want to fire a Berserker or something huh? Well all you have to do is put the pieces ID (that you want to shoot) in the shootprojectile part and walloh! For example: the Super Buddy's ID is 11729, then to shoot a Super Buddy put the ID in the projectile part for the <shoot> tag: <shoot projectile="11729">.

See also: XML

Unreleased Projectiles Edit

LilNinjaStar Edit

A small NinjaStar. Projectile of Ninja Child

Zombie Edit

A Sentry that self-destructs after some time. Projectile of Sentry Spawner

Cart Edit

A Cart without graphics that self-destructs after some time. Projectile of Cart Generator

Big Fireball Edit

A larger sized Fireball. Projectile of Fireball Launcher

Magic Bomb Edit

An indestructible, non-solid bubble that destroys anything it touches and self-destructs after a short time. Projectile of Bomb Tower

Magic Bullet Edit

Invisible. Projectile of Magic Tower

Footman Edit

A very strangely named butterfly that flies around. Projectile of Butterfly Spawner

Knockback Ball Edit

Invisible. Projectile of Knockback Tower

Reappear Block Edit

Projectile of Reappear Block