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Trophy Game


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Soul is in my opinion, one of the best games on Playcrafter.

It is a trophy game and it was on the hottest list.

It has a good story, challenging levels, and some comedy too!

Story Edit

The game is about a boy named Sathen going to boring old school.
On his way, he goes through the dangourus Electric Forest and goes inside a strange flying device.
The device brings him to Soul, and strange place where he meets Edgewing, who tells him he can enter his own soul!
He goes in, but Edgewing says he cannot enter with him, but he can talk to him.
He goes and meets his dead Uncle Breadfish, who he paints with.
He goes downstairs and someone is waiting for him.
He looks and sees Claritz, whom he had married, but he didn't know.
He has his first kiss in his own soul. Who can say they had their first kiss in their soul?
Edgewing tells him he must get out and back to Soul, so he exits and sees there is a meteor shower!
He follows Edgewing, who tells him to go into Nightwolf's soul. As you may has guessed, it was a trap!
He avoids the traps in his soul, and finds a dead end.
He jumps of the cliff, thinking it was the end.
He falls and sees Nightwolf and Edgewing!
As you may have thought, boss battle!
He wins, but gets electricuted by lightning and faints.

There will be a Soul 2, but it is currently not out. :-(

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