The Joe Chronicles by 1337doom


The Joe Chronicles – a series of episodes and games about Joe, Tak, and more!


Casual/action platformer

Games in the series

  1. Megabot Trouble
  2. The Prison Rock and Roll
  3. unnamed





The Joe Chronicles is a game series by 1337doom.

Characters Edit

  • Joe: The main character – a boy who got sent to jail for "blowing up a city" – in truth, it was the Mega Robot he destroyed.
  • Tak: Joe's friend who he helped escape the jail.
  • Ancients: Extremely old superbuddies who know many things.
  • Pear: the commander of Tak and Joe's army.
  • Luna: Pear's sister.
  • Buzzor:The warden of the jail.
  • Jagu: Mysterious robot-builder. Very evil.

Episodes Edit

  1. Megabot Trouble
  2. The Prison Rock and Roll
  3. unnamed, but finished.

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