So many people on playcrafter strive to get their games on the notorious hottest list. But then, so many fail epicly because the games dont have what it takes to get on the front page.

Here's what you need!

1.) A basic plotline: I've played many games that people wanted to get on hottest, and this is one of the bigger reasons that they dont achieve a trophy. THEY DONT HAVE A STORY THOUGHT OUT! it seems to me like they make it up as they go, and that is NOT how its done! tsk tsk. The best games are ones that have a well thought out plot. Not neccessarily a complex one with a bunch of twists and mystery, (though those are fun as well!) but one that you have planned before you make your game. I do this by writing down what happens in each level on a piece of paper.

2.) Good level design: This might be one of the harder points to master. Having your level have to many blocks in one area makes it crowded, and having to little makes it seem empty. find just the right amount and spacing. Also, give your level some decor, a background, and some challenges! Color patterns never hurt either. For example: Your blocks are green and brown, and you think you have them spaced at appropriate distances. But there is no decoration, and no background. This is incorrect! You have a color pattern that is sort of earthy, so why not make it a forest? Take a few trees for decoration, and a forest BG. And if you put some challenges, such as an enemy, the enemy should somewhat match as well. So now, you have a forest level.

decor and BGs tie into the plotline; the kind of decoration you use should match the kind of story you are telling. For example, the forest above could be the result of the main character becoming lost when he was exploring the mountains. But exploring mountains wont usually leave you lost in a desert, so dont use a desert BG and decor if it doesnt go with your story.

3.) Characters: Use some creativity with your characters. You choose what you depict them as, what their role is, and waht kind of personality they have, you even can edit the look by using your own custom animations! The characters drive the plot, without them, your story cant continue. And unless a character is some kind of double agent, or got their hair styled, the look and personality of them should remain consistent.

Thats all i can think of at this time, but if you have more, feel free to add some! :D

Sirzach75 21:56, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

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